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Product Portfolio

Enviro-Tech Systems has three Brands representing specialized market segments.

  • Magico focussing on the Hospitality and Institutional Market as well as Wholesale outlets with products specific to Room Care, Kitchen Hygiene and Laundry powders and liquids. This range also encompasses Building Care with floor care polishes and floor strippers.
  • edan a Personal Care product range including Hotel Amenities, solid soaps and Clinical Hygiene product range.
  • Enviro-Tech Systems which is the Branding for specialized detergents disinfectants aimed specifically at Food and Beverage Processing with regards to CIP and OPC cleaning, high foaming detergent disinfectants for use via pressure cleaners, as well as engineering outlets with gel degreasers, environmentally friendly degreasers and Grit Hand cleaners. A professional vehicle maintenance product range is also available.

The product group includes Agricultural Hygiene products for Dairy Milking Parlours, Dairy further processing and Horticulture Disinfectants.

Enviro-Tech Systems detergents disinfectants specialized hygiene products are confidently used on the African Continent by the Hospitality and Institutional, Clinics and Health Care and Industrial outlets as we assist keeping the working environment clean and safe and a better place to operate our daily lives.

Industrial Category Product Ranges:

Agriculture  Food & Beverage
Dairy Milking Parlours Vegetable processing
Dairy Processing Canning Lines
Horticulture Frozen Food Processing
Poultry Farming Beverage Processing
Meat  Engineering
Beef, Lamb & Pork Abattoirs Engineering degreasers
Chicken Abattoirs & further Processing Oil Rig Speciality Products
Crocodile & Ostrich Processing Abattoirs Vehicle Maintenance

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Dispensers & Dosing Equipment

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edan Range

A high quality personal care hygiene range, which encompasses a range of disinfectants for Professionals in the Clinic and Hospital outlets

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Magico Range

A Professional quality range of Hospitality products to meet the hygiene needs of top establishments. All products are sustainably efficient.

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Specialised Industrial Products

 A product range formulated to suit all speciality needs in the manufacturing Industries. Guaranteed Quality

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