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Specialised Industrial Products

 A product range formulated to suit all speciality needs in the manufacturing Industries. Guaranteed Quality

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Agricultural – Dairy Parlour Hygiene Range

ET51 a low foaming detergent disinfectant for CIP cleaning of milk lines. ET70 a safe on equipment CIP acid descaler. ET359 a detergent disinfectant for manual cleaning and disinfecting of all vessels and hard surfaces. Udder Care Dip for prevention of Mastitis.

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Bulk Detergent Disinfectant Packs

Pine Disinfectant, a liquid pine perfumed disinfectant for the cleaning of all surfaces – floors, baths, urinals, dust bins, drains, etc. Pine Gel in 5Kg easy to use buckets. ET120 a neutral general purpose liquid detergent for safe and multi purpose use in 25L or 200L. Cream Cleaner ammoniated liquid all purpose cleaner in 25L. …

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Engineering Detergents

ET166 a low solvent based detergent and degreaser, safe for use on all surfaces. ET228 an environmentally friendly detergent and degreaser. ET120 a neutral multipurpose detergent, safe to use on all metals and surfaces, with easy rinse ability. ET Grease and Grime all purpose liquid detergent safe to use on all metal surfaces. ET Grit …

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Floor & Building Care

Magico wax emulsion floor polish in 10L and 25L pack sizes. A well formulated floor polish leaving the floors bright and shiny. Magico floor ammoniated stripper in 10Kg. Magico carpet and upholstery shampoo for all types of carpets, curtains and upholstery. Available in 4x3L pack sizes. Magico Floor Dress 25L

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Food & Beverage Processing Detergents & Disinfectants

For detailed printable product information in PDF format, please click on the highlighted titles ET319 duel chain QAC disinfectant suitable for red meat and poultry processing outlets. ET321 a detergent disinfectant formulated for a single stage clean and suitable for application via high pressure cleaners. Based on international formulations approved by British Agricultural and Fisheries …

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Laundry Detergents & Fabric Care Products

We pride ourselves as offering a range of specialized laundry detergents, bleaches and fabric conditioners available in powder or liquid form and in most pack sizes. Our laundry products are formulated according to the leading laundry technology innovations and special wash requirements for specific applications, giving professional results. All active ingredients in formulations are environmentally …

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