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Kitchen Hygiene


  • General Purpose concentrated multi purpose liquid detergent, available in 3L jug bottle for no mess dispensing and ease of portion control. Oven and Grill for removal of grease and grime and burnt on carbonated fats. This is a powerful product and is issued with a extension trigger spray for safe use.
  • Hard Surface detergent disinfectant in 3L for the cleaning and disinfecting of all working surfaces in kitchens, including floors and walls and cutting boards. This has a extension lead trigger spray.
  • Pine perfumed disinfectant is Registered and is a delight to use in all dirty unhygienic areas e.g. hospital/clinic floors, bathrooms, toilet areas, urinals, dustbins, etc.
  • Stainless Steel Polish & protector to renew the shine to all equipment and give added protection.
  • Eco Friendly All Purpose Degreaser 3L is a toxic free and environmentally friendly detergent for the removal of grease and fat on surfaces and cooking utensils.
  • Extra Strength stabilised disinfectant bleach for laundries or disinfecting of water, dish cloths, vegetable and fruit washing, etc.
  • Acid Descale for the removal of calcium and magnesium iron build up in cookers, kettles, pots and shower roses, etc.
  • Environmentally Friendly Dishwashing liquid 1L is low in Anionics, free from phosphates and other harmful environmental chemicals, with natural lemon juice as a grease cutter
  • Environmental Friendly All Purpose Cleaner in 1L bottle with trigger spray for easy and economical dispensing. Safe to use on all surfaces and has natural disinfecting properties.  Ideal for safari lodges.
  • Det San detergent disinfectant in economical 30g portion control sachets for a multitude of uses in a kitchens.
  • Chlor San 6g sachet an organic Chlorine Disinfectant for the disinfecting and washing of salads and fruit and the disinfecting of cloths, mops and brooms
  • Liquid Hand Soap with disinfectant properties and skin conditioning ingredients for frequent use. Safe to use with preparation of foods. Available in 1L with dispensing pump and 3L.
  • Anti Insect Repellent is a toxic free repellent for safe use around food preparation areas. Made from of nature’s own ingredients – inspired by nature.
  • A reminder of Magico Spray and Wipe disinfectant 1L cleaner for serving and all stainless steel and granite surfaces.

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