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Room Care


  • General Purpose concentrated liquid detergent for multipurpose use. Safe for hand washing and all metals and hard surfaces.
  • Toilet Cleaner in a user friendly 750ml bottle, is a thicken liquid bleach for thorough and safe disinfection, even with septic tanks.
  • Cream Cleaner is an ammoniated detergent giving very effective results. This product is useful in kitchens and bath rooms and safe to use on all hard surfaces.
  • Shower Clean is a gentle cleaner for removing mildew and water scale build up, leaving the shower cubicle with a fresh odour.
  • Mirror & Glass is a well formulated economical glass cleaner, leaving no streak markets and comes with a trigger spray for ease of application.
  • Furniture Polish can be misted or dispersed via a push pull cap for easy application.
  • Air Freshener is effective against all poor odours and especially cigarette smoke. It encapsulates poor odours rendering them odourless and leaving the room fresh smelling for hours.
  • Spray & Wipe is a waterless disinfectant cleaner applied via a trigger spray. Useful for table tops, door handles, toilet seats, etc. The disinfectant properties have a residual action.

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