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edan Professional & Clinical Care Range

In today’s World of ever increasing risk from micro-organism infection, the medical environment needs increasingly potent answers in the form of cost effective, easy to use solutions. Enviro-Tech Systems have developed a complete and concise product range, offering protection against a broad spectrum of infections. All of the below products are Registered and carry the relative Act No.


  • San Klenz is an antiseptic skin cleanser with Chlorhexidine Gluconate for use prior to surgical procedures. San Klenz should be used undiluted. Wet hands and add approximately 5mls. Rinse. Available in 1L pack size with dispenser pump.
  • Bac Off is used for quick disinfection of hands specifically in the medical field. For external use only after washing and drying hands. Available in 1L and 800ml pack sizes, with dispenser pump . Is suitable for quick hard surface disinfecting, no water required.
  • Magico Det San is an organo-chlorine detergent disinfectant powder containing stabilisers and corrosion inhibitors, for use in high and medium risk areas. This product has a wide range of uses in any Clinic. It has a broad spectrum bacteria and virus kill rate. Available in handy 30g sachets.
  • Magico Spray & Wipe is a waterless cleaning disinfectant. Ideal for cleaning all hard surfaces, toilet door handles, toilet seats, mattresses, etc. It has a residual action. Available in 1L.
  • Magico Pine Perfumed Disinfectant in 3L. It is a versatile Quarternary Ammonium disinfectant with broad spectrum efficacy and a refreshing pine fragrance to mask unpleasant odours. The product can be used undiluted to disinfect and deodorise toilets, urinals, drains and rubbish containers. It is useful diluted for deodorising floors in large clinical establishments.
  • Chlor San 6g sachet an organic Chlorine disinfectant yielding approximately 300ppm available Chlorine when added to 9L cold water.
  • edan luxury Shower Gel for hand washing plus bath and shower use.

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