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Environmental Commitment

Environmental Impact of Enviro-Tech Systems Products

We recognise our business has an important role to play in protecting and enhancing the environment for future generations and in helping the long term sustainability of our planet.

The products and their related formulations manufactured for Enviro-Tech Systems are produced using environmentally acceptable components and must be used according to the manufacturer’s directions. Care should be taken to avoid overuse or excessive concentrations. Levels associated with normal periodic cleaning should have no detrimental effect on the environmental microbial population.

Biodegradability is generally accepted as the ability for chemicals to be broken down by a natural process into more basic components. All chemicals are biodegradable but the rate and extent of breakdown is widely variable. Ideally a material should biodegrade to water and carbon within twenty eight days.

Global environmental awareness is growing and many suppliers attach labels such as “environmentally friendly” or “environmentally acceptable” to their product ranges, often with little or no justification. The terms themselves are open to misinterpretation and as far as we are aware, there is no universally recognised definition of either term. Enviro-Tech Systems uses the term “environmentally acceptable” to describe a wide range of initiatives within the Company limiting the impact of its products on the environment. In essence these initiatives involving maximising the use of raw materials which biodegrade rapidly and completely to substances which are compatible with the environment.

All chemicals used in formulations are thoroughly researched by reputable multinational Chemical Companies before launching a new product.

Enviro-Tech Systems as a Supplier:

  • Shall to the best of our ability, guarantee not to offer your business, products which would negatively influence the environment.
  • Agree to work together to reduce the exploitation of substances which may be harmful to the environment.
  • Work with your business to achieve sustainable business practices and meet the environmental goals and challenges.
  • To achieve sound environmental practices across the entire operation.
  • Where we can, to work with others in the industry, in public agencies and the community to achieve wider environmental goals.
  • Together with our Distributors and Customer base, monitor and record our environmental impact and compare performance with International policies, objectives and targets.

We trust that this document enlightens you to our commitment and awareness to our responsibility to sustainability of our fragile planet.




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