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Laundry Detergents & Fabric Care Products

We pride ourselves as offering a range of specialized laundry detergents, bleaches and fabric conditioners available in powder or liquid form and in most pack sizes. Our laundry products are formulated according to the leading laundry technology innovations and special wash requirements for specific applications, giving professional results. All active ingredients in formulations are environmentally friendly and safe to use in all machines.

The washing and cleaning of fabrics various according to the type of fabric and nature of soiling to be removed. Dirt is usually a mixture of fatty material and solid particulate material. Then there are various stains which need to be taken into consideration with the total soiling of surfaces. This requires the following combination of energies; Chemical, Temperature, Mechanical and Time. Regarding types of Chemicals to be used a number of speciality type laundry detergents have been developed through modern day science. Consult with your detergent supplier for a suitable Wash Program to suit your needs.

  • Enviro-Tech Systems Liquimatic is a fully blended liquid detergent for use in all types of large modern Industrial machines. This product is safe to dispense via automatic dosing pumps. It is available in 25L and 200L pack sizes.
  • Enviro-Tech Systems Alkaboost is formulated as an additive to boost the active detergency of laundry detergents, where extra activity is required for heavy soiling, particularly where grease and oil is a problem. It is available in 25L and 200L pack sizes.
  • Enviro-Tech Systems Peroxy Bleach is a modern powerful oxygenated bleach and totally biodegradable. Caution must be exercised when using this product manually. Available in 25L and 200L pack sizes.
  • Enviro-Tech Systems Softenwash is a cationic fabric conditioner available for Industrial Laundries in 25L pack sizes.
  • Enviro-Tech Systems Liquimatic Bio is a environmentally friendly liquid laundry detergent available in 25L.
  • There are three laundry powders available under the Magico Brand (1) a fully blown auto low foaming enzyme based powder (2) a high foaming general purpose laundry powder suitable for all top loader machines and manual washing (3) a low foaming, low temperature oxygenated powder with a built in bleach, particular good for all stain removal in hospitals and clinics.
  • Magico liquid laundry detergent for automatic machines used at low temperatures. Available in 4x3L pack sizes.

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