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Environmental Tips


globeleaveLittle actions we can take today,

that will lead to a brighter tomorrow”







  • Transform your rooms with natural products and cleaning solutions.
  • On average most households use around 80L of water in the bath, while a shower can use as little as a third of that amount, especially if you switch to a new smaller shower head.
  • Toilets use about 30% of the total water at home and an old Cistern can use 13 litres at a time. New Cisterns come with a dual flush mechanism to reduce waste. A full flush uses just four litres and just two litres for a half flush.
  • Fixing a dripping tap can save 90 litres of water a week, while turning a tap off as you brush your teeth saves six litres a minute.
  • Using a watering can on your garden uses a fraction of the water a hose does, so make good use of it in a dry spell. Water the garden late afternoon when it is cooler this allows for less evaporation.
  • Wait for a full load in your dishwasher and washing machines to cut down on wasted electricity and water. If you do half loads use the half load setting if your machine has it.
  • Many of Magico Brands can help save energy and water and reduce packaging waist by up to 50%

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